What is the Orthodontic Procedure called Fixed Maxillary Expansion?

Maxillary Expansion (also know as palatal expansion) is a common procedure used by Orthodontists/General Dentists to widen the upper jaw. Both children and adults may require this procedure. This procedure has been done for many years and is widely used.

The doctor will make a custom appliance for the patient which is fixed to the upper molars. Generally the patient/parent will turn this appliance every day for a proscribed number of days as directed by the doctor. This procedure can be done rapidly or slowly depending upon the patient's age and treatment plan. After turning is stopped, the appliance may be kept in place for a number of weeks to allow the widening of the jaw to become permanent. The appliance is then removed 

What is an expander?

There are products on the market called expanders which are incorporated into the custom appliance. These are essentially jack screws which when turned open up or expand. The doctor purchases the expander of his/her choice and incorporates it into the custom appliance.

How is The SUPERscrew Expander different?

With one exception all expanders sold on the market turn/open the same way.  The SUPERScrew is that one exception and incorporates a revolutionary design which makes the turning procedure safe and easy for the patient/parent. The SUPERscrew is turned with a wrench, a familiar and safe tool. All other expanders turn by placing a pin in a tiny hole (capstan) and pushing that hole with the pin inserted to the rear of the expander. Some of the difficulties using the pin driven expanders are that the expander gets stuck midway because the parent/patient does not push far enough back or the hole gets clogged with food and the patient/parent cannot get the pin in to push or turn it. In earlier days the patient would tie a string to the pin so that if it was dropped the pin would not be injested. Today companies have made these turning pins somewhat safer. 


Who designed The SUPERscrew, telescopic expander?

The SUPERscrew is designed by an Orthodontist. After using the traditional expanders for many years, the orthodontist became frustrated with the difficulty the patients were having turning the appliance. The SUPERscrew emerged from this frustration and years of orthodontic practice experience and teaching. The SUPERscrew was patented in 1993 and has been sold to the dental community since 1994. Today it is used world-wide and is truly a revolutionary change.

A detailed description of The SUPERscrew and its advantages to the patient and doctor can be learned by referring to the section of this web site entitled Product Literature.

How is The SUPERScrew telescopic expander sold?

The SUPERscrew SUPERspring Company manufactures and sells The SUPERscrew to distributors, laboratories and doctors world-wide. For ordering, pricing or requests for information please contact the company at ssss@superscrewsuperspring.com or see the contact page at this site.


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